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Electrical Testing Explained

What’s An EICR? An EICR stands for electrical installation condition report. The best way to describe them is like an MOT for your wiring and we at Kingfisher Electrics are experts. Why Might I Need An EICR? There are several reasons why your installation may be due for an EICR. The latest one being applicable to private landlords throughout the UK. Draft proposals which are widely expected to go through the government this year will stipulate that, as of 1st July 2020, all new privately tenanted properties will need to have a satisfactory certificate or risk being fined up to £30,000 by the local housing authority. Existing tenancies will have until the 1st of April 2021 to have their testing and certification completed. Other reasons include the following; You are considering buying a property and want to know if the electrics are safe or not? This could pre-warn you if [...]

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Electric Car Charging Explained

Just bought an electric car? Or perhaps you’re thinking about getting one but need some more information? Please read below where we at Kingfisher Electrics will cover some frequently asked questions around charging electric vehicles (EVs), along with some other, rather useful points. Where Can I Plug In My Electric Car? At Home: If you intend to use your electric vehicle frequently then having your own dedicated charge point at home really is a no-brainer. Most charge points are typically wall mounted and must be installed by a qualified electrician. These units come in a range of speeds which will be discussed at the bottom of this very page. Aside from the obvious benefits of having your own charge point as opposed to using a public one, there is an Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS) in place which has been set up by the Government to help fund this [...]

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the recent Covid-19 aka Coronavirus pandemic. Kingfisher Electrics are having to take on some stringent safety measures in order to continue providing services to our valued customers. We want to provide you with the same high-quality service as before but want to reassure you by meeting the current health and safety guidelines provided to us by the government (time of writing is the 25th March 2020). It’s our responsibility to follow this procedure, prevent the virus from spreading between households and ultimately save lives. The following strategic points are non-negotiable and if they cannot be met, we will, unfortunately, be unable to assist you with your electrical issues. If ANYONE in the building, we are intending to work at displays the following symptoms you must tell us Immediately! Please call our office line on 01273 789 276. high temperature - you feel hot to touch on your chest [...]

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