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Everything You Need to Know about Your EV Charging

EV or electric vehicle comes with a bunch of benefits. Apart from being completely eco-friendly, these vehicles can be a cost-effective investment for owners. However, these vehicles need regular charging to function like many other electrical devices. You need an EV charging point in your home for this. It is advisable to get the assistance of certified and licensed electricians to install this point at your home, office or any other place where you wish to get charged for your EV. There are a few factors that you need to be aware of EV charging before you buy an electric vehicle for your personal or professional use. What to Know about EV Charging Just like your mobile phone, DSLR camera, electric trimmer or other electrical objects, your EV also needs to be charged up to ensure full functionality. These are typically wall-mounted charging points with a range of speeds depending [...]

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5 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

When was the last time you updated the electrics in your home? Outdated and poorly maintained electrics are a huge hazard in homes. If your wiring is on the fritz, you could be more at risk of electrocution and house fires, which definitely isn’t good! It’s easy to forget when watching TV or turning on the kettle that the electricity you’re using can be dangerous. To keep your house safe, make sure you get it rewired by an electrician in Brighton when you see these five signs. Tripped Circuits and Blown Fuses If you constantly have to reset your fuse box, it’s a clear sign that your home needs rewiring. When your fuse is blown, or your circuit is tripped, it means that they’re cutting off the electrical supply for your own safety because something is wrong. You could have too many appliances plugged in for your wiring to handle, [...]

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How an Electrician Can Help Improve Your Home Office Productivity

British people are heading back to the office, but not everything is back to normal. Even now, around 50% of workers are still staying at home for at least some of the working week. But is your home office electrically optimised for productivity? If not, here’s how an electrician in Brighton can help, transforming your space into one that’s designed to help you work, not make it harder. Fix Dodgy Lighting It’s not very common for the lighting in a home to be suitable for an office. But if you’ve taken to remote working then it needs to be, meaning that yours could be due an upgrade. Dim lights can lead to eye strain, drowsiness, and an overall lack of focus, so you need brighter lights to keep you on task. An electrician Brighton, can install overhead lights that are suited to office-style work, as well as task lighting for [...]

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Do Your Electrics Need Re-Wiring?

Did you know that in 2019 over 1380 deaths and injuries were the direct result of electrical fires in the UK alone? That works out about 27 per week or 4 per day! 54.4% of fires that year were caused by electrical hazards (over 20,000 of them). Which is why having your electrical installation re-wired should be considered for properties that are over 25 years old. If you are unsure of the state of the installation and would like to get an accurate report from an experienced professional electrician, then you will need to have an EICR (electrical installation condition report) conducted. The report would highlight any dangerous/potentially dangerous items that would need attention. Depending on the amount of work needed to bring the installation up to ‘satisfactory’ status and the age/overall condition of the wiring you would be advised as to whether a re-wire was necessary? If the cables [...]

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Why Should you Have EV Charging Stations at Home?

Electric cars are a revolution in the world of technology. Rather than depending on non-renewable energy sources such as petrol or diesel, you can now use charging stations to charge your cars and drive them anytime you want. Relying on non-renewables is something that is being phased out by the UK government who plans to stop selling new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 in their mission to making England a ‘net zero’ carbon emissions country. If you install EV charging stations at your home, then you can happily charge your car anytime you want. EV charging in Brighton and Hove is a common thing. You’ll find it at many locations. However, if you get a professional electrician to get the same installed in your house, it is far more convenient. Cost-effective option Rather than buying petrol or diesel from a third party, you can quickly charge your electric cars [...]

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Need EV Charging? Know The Common Types Of Charge Points

Installing EV chargers can benefit your business in various ways. Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry. Having your own charge point is always beneficial rather than using a public point. Installing one almost becomes necessary if you use electric vehicles frequently. Since most of the charge points are wall-mounted, it is advisable that you hire a qualified electrician in Hove instead of trying to do the installation yourself. 3 Common Types Of Charge Points Slow Chargers If you are using slow chargers, it will take around 7 to 26 hours to charge your vehicle. It is advisable to use these charge points if you are not in a hurry. Generally, slow chargers are used in residential buildings. You can plug in your car to a 3-pin commando 240v socket and leave it charging overnight. Fast Chargers They are comparatively faster than slow chargers, and it will take [...]

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Unknown Facts About EICR’s That A Customer Needs to Know

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful house? You may have planned out the construction, interior design and decorations minutely to make the place a dream home. How about the inspection of the electric installation within the house? We feel this is something more important than any of the other things that you have taken care of. EICR or Electric Installation Condition Reports are formal documents that you should get from a certified electrician after a complete assessment of your home’s electric conditions. Over the years, your electric installation may deteriorate. Since cables are hidden inside the walls, it is not always possible for you to know the situation. Hence, getting an EICR in Brighton completed is a reasonable option. Reasons behind conducting an EICR Age of the construction project For domestic and commercial properties which are older than ten years, an EICR is mandatory. The primary reason being [...]

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Electrical Testing in Hove For New Properties – A Safe Practice To Follow

What do you check when you rent an apartment or buy a new property? Let's see, location, room size, environment, storage space, accessibility and lots more! What about the electrical installation? As per the regulations, electrical testing is a must before moving into either new or old properties. It's common sense that over time the electrical installations in a building will deteriorate. Before hurrying into a new house, get the electrical installation checked by a professional electrician. Being responsible can help you avoid mishaps and fatal accidents over time. How often should homeowners conduct electrical testing? Externally your house may look perfect in the coming ten years. However, remember, all that glitters is not gold! The inner electrical installations of your property need checking at least every ten years. Before your property starts showing the signs of electrical failure, begin finding the flaws and fix them. You may wish to [...]

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4 Reasons To Hire A Certified Electrician for Commercial Purposes

One of the biggest concerns in any commercial building is installing or repairing the electrical system. Since its arrangement is made in a complex manner, it is wise to hire a professionally certified electrician for this purpose. They have training and expertise to handle the electrical needs of the building without creating any safety hazards. Consult a licensed electrician for commercial electrical installations and high-quality workmanship. Hire Professional Electricians for Commercial Buildings   Safety Untrained people should not mess around with electrical jobs. One should always follow the set standards to avoid a significant safety hazard or accident. This is why it is necessary to hire professional and certified electricians who can execute the task with expertise and ease. With their training, they can arrange the wires and handle the entire system without any risk of electrocution or shocks. These electricians also offer work licensed and a guaranteed of superior work [...]

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Why Hire a Certified Electrician for Your Domestic Electrical System?

The electrical system is one of the most crucial elements in every property. Be it a large commercial building or for your home – the electrical system must be installed and maintained by certified and experienced electricians only. For homeowners in Brighton, it is essential to look for a trained and highly skilled electrician. They can offer their expertise for all the electrical works that need to be carried out. 4 Reasons to Rely on Trained and Licensed Electricians In-Depth Knowledge These experts are trusted for their in-depth knowledge of the industry. They know this field inside and out. Be it the installation of the new wiring or the repairs of damaged electrical fixtures – they can apply their knowledge at every step to ensure flawless and efficient performance of your domestic electrical system. Vast Experience These experts have gathered unparalleled experience from within this industry. They have been working [...]

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