EV or electric vehicle comes with a bunch of benefits. Apart from being completely eco-friendly, these vehicles can be a cost-effective investment for owners. However, these vehicles need regular charging to function like many other electrical devices. You need an EV charging point in your home for this.

It is advisable to get the assistance of certified and licensed electricians to install this point at your home, office or any other place where you wish to get charged for your EV.

There are a few factors that you need to be aware of EV charging before you buy an electric vehicle for your personal or professional use.

What to Know about EV Charging

  • Just like your mobile phone, DSLR camera, electric trimmer or other electrical objects, your EV also needs to be charged up to ensure full functionality.
  • These are typically wall-mounted charging points with a range of speeds depending on the requirements of specific users and the capacity of the vehicle.
  • Only a certified and licensed electrician should install this charging point at a user’s premises following all the regulations applied by the government regarding EV charging in Brighton.

Types of Charging Speeds

You can choose the desired charging speed from a range of timing that includes; slow chargers (7-26 hours), Rapid chargers (30-45 mins) and Fast chargers (45 mins to 9 hours.)

If you are not in a hurry, you can choose a slow charger. The fast charger is typically found in public places for common use. Your electrical contractor will help you to choose the right kind of charging speed in terms of speed after discussing your requirements.

At Kingfisher Electrics, we offer complete installation of EV charging points at clients’ places. Be it your home, a public place or your store and office – you can get the safest and most efficient EV charger installation from industry experts.

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