Need EV Charging? Know The Common Types Of Charge Points

May 19, 2021

Installing EV chargers can benefit your business in various ways. Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry. Having your own charge point is always beneficial rather than using a public point. Installing one almost becomes necessary if you use electric vehicles frequently. Since most of the charge points are wall-mounted, it is advisable that you hire a qualified electrician in Hove instead of trying to do the installation yourself.

3 Common Types Of Charge Points

  • Slow Chargers

If you are using slow chargers, it will take around 7 to 26 hours to charge your vehicle. It is advisable to use these charge points if you are not in a hurry. Generally, slow chargers are used in residential buildings. You can plug in your car to a 3-pin commando 240v socket and leave it charging overnight.

  • Fast Chargers

They are comparatively faster than slow chargers, and it will take somewhere between 45 minutes to 9 hours to charge a vehicle completely. They are generally installed in public places where people park their cars for an hour or more. Two common places are leisure centre car parks and supermarkets.

  • Rapid Chargers

It takes around 30 to 45 minutes to charge a vehicle completely when using rapid chargers. You can expect the fastest charge speeds through these charge points. Generally, rapid chargers are located at public places like motorway service stations and main roads in Brighton.

Since you are now aware of the common types of charge points, make sure you choose the right one when installing EV charging.