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Earn a Passive Income with an EV Charge Point on your private driveway

Did you know that you could turn your private driveway into a passive income?
Transform your driveway with an electric vehicle (EV) charge point into lucrative source of revenue.

Unlock Your Passive Income!

With the exponential growth of EV sales globally, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on this trend. We can help you harness the benefits of renting out your driveway and EV charge point.

How does this work?

STEP 1: We help you to identify the right charge point for your property
STEP 2: We locate the perfect place for EV Charge point and install
STEP 3: You list your driveway and start earning an income

55% of drivers unable to charge at home

We should all be working together for a greener future and this is where you can help!
Renting your driveways to drivers looking for a place to park & charge means that

Even better, you could earn over £1000* a year with Place2Park, whilst helping to make your local community cleaner, greener and safer.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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