Why Should you Have EV Charging Stations at Home?

Jun 11, 2021

Electric cars are a revolution in the world of technology. Rather than depending on non-renewable energy sources such as petrol or diesel, you can now use charging stations to charge your cars and drive them anytime you want. Relying on non-renewables is something that is being phased out by the UK government who plans to stop selling new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 in their mission to making England a ‘net zero’ carbon emissions country.

EV Charging

If you install EV charging stations at your home, then you can happily charge your car anytime you want. EV charging in Brighton and Hove is a common thing. You’ll find it at many locations. However, if you get a professional electrician to get the same installed in your house, it is far more convenient.

Cost-effective option

Rather than buying petrol or diesel from a third party, you can quickly charge your electric cars with a charging point installed at your home. Depending on the type of charger you need, the prices may vary. You can hire a local electrician and get the units installed. Now you can charge your car anytime you want. This is a one-time expense. Refilling the vehicles with petrol or diesel is a recurring expense. You have to make the expenses every day. But with charging stations, things are more convenient and much cheaper.

Safe option

Charging at home is a safer option. While charging the cars in the public spaces, you might end up damaging the vehicles. There can be cases of vandalism, storms or other risks that can damage your vehicle. Moreover, if you fail to notice, then your car may get stolen as well. Hence getting a charger installed within your home premises is a safer option. You can charge it as per your choice, and there is never a hurry!


If you install charging stations in your home, you won’t have to wait in a queue to get your car charged. You can charge the vehicle at your convenience. Thus, charging stations at homes are a good choice. Suppose you plan on going for a midnight drive. Just charge your car and enjoy the ride. No need to search for charging stations on stranded roads!

Kingfisher Electrics Ltd is an expert in installing charging stations for your home. If you’ve purchased an electric car, then call and arrange an appointment with our expert team of electricians. They will guide you about the type of charger you need and offer you a free, no-obligation quotation for install.