5 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

Nov 13, 2021

When was the last time you updated the electrics in your home?

Outdated and poorly maintained electrics are a huge hazard in homes. If your wiring is on the fritz, you could be more at risk of electrocution and house fires, which definitely isn’t good! It’s easy to forget when watching TV or turning on the kettle that the electricity you’re using can be dangerous. To keep your house safe, make sure you get it rewired by an electrician in Brighton when you see these five signs.

  1. Tripped Circuits and Blown Fuses

If you constantly have to reset your fuse box, it’s a clear sign that your home needs rewiring. When your fuse is blown, or your circuit is tripped, it means that they’re cutting off the electrical supply for your own safety because something is wrong. You could have too many appliances plugged in for your wiring to handle, or the wiring could be damaged. Either way, it’s time to call an electrician, Brighton, to sort it out!

  1. Constant Flickering Lights

Keeping an eye on your lighting is a good way to identify any wiring issues you might have. Lighting circuits have a lower rating than your mains circuit, so they tend to show problems earlier on. If your lighting is flickering or dim (even after changing bulbs), or your bulbs frequently blow, it’s likely that your home wiring needs some TLC.

  1. Signs of Burning and Smoke Damage

Any electrician Brighton will tell you that it’s wise to check your electrical sockets for signs of damage frequently. Look for burn marks, signs of smoke damage, or soot, all of which are bad signs and should be looked at by a professional. If you see sparks when plugging appliances into the wall, the wires might have become worn or loose and should also be checked.

  1. Buzzing Sounds and Burning Smells

The smell of burning electrics isn’t a nice one, but luckily it’s strong enough to warn you of any problems! If there’s a strong smell of burning plastic when using your plug sockets, it could be a sign that your wiring is damaged. Listen out for buzzing, too, which isn’t what you want to hear and could mean the light switch or socket is now dangerous to use.

  1. Mild Electric Shocks

Mild electric shocks from your plug sockets, light switches, or plugged-in appliances should be taken seriously. They may be mild now, but those shocks could become serious very quickly! Turn off your electricity from the mains and call an electrician as soon as you can.

You should always pay attention to signs that your home needs rewiring. A good, well-maintained electrical supply is essential to keeping you and your home safe. If you think you might have an issue, be sure to get in touch with an electrician in Brighton to rewire your home.