Common Questions about EV Charging has now been Answered

Sep 2, 2022

Electric Vehicle has brought about a revolutionary change in the automotive sector. It has arrived with a bang and is here to set a footprint. It consumes zero fossil fuel for operation, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Brief About Electric Vehicle Charging:

An electric vehicle or EV operates solely on electricity, so you must charge its battery regularly. As a result, the current infrastructure for vehicle refuelling is changing rapidly. Many new builds are equipped with exclusive vehicle charging stations. The current fossil fuel outlets are transforming themselves into outlets for EV Charging in Brighton.

EV Charging

FAQs about EV Charging and their Answers:

As Electric vehicle is comparatively new, there are a lot of questions among the customers. In this blog, these questions are discussed in detail with suitable answers.

How Long Does it Take to Charge an EV?

The time required for fully charging an electric vehicle primarily depends on the mode of charging and the size of the battery. Primarily, Lithium-ion batteries are used in EVs. These batteries don’t charge up at a consistent speed. Once it is charged to 80%, the speed significantly drops due to heat formation.

Should I Charge my EV only in my home?

While the home is the primary choice for charging an Electric Vehicle, users can also try other public outlets. Some of these include the charging stations in shopping mall parking, hospitals and business establishments.


Home Electric Car Charging Stations

How Long Will my Battery Last?

The EV manufacturing companies generally issue a warranty of 6 years on their batteries. However, the longevity of these batteries solely depends on their usage. The batteries may show visible degradation after a couple of years, but one can be guaranteed that it will go straight for six to eight years.

Do all Charging Stations have the Same Technology?

Different EV Charging stations use different technologies. The most common charging station charges the vehicle’s battery directly with AC Power. They do so by leveraging the onboard charger to convert AC Power into DC. It is common to find DC Chargers facilitating onboard AC to DC power conversion.

These are some common questions related to the charging of electric vehicles. To get better assistance in EV Charging in Brighton, one can communicate with a reputable source like Kingfisher Electrics. We are one of the leading names in EV Charging and provide other varied electrical services to many industries. For more details about our business, one can visit our website today.