Interesting Facts – Everything You Should Know About EV Charging

Feb 20, 2024

With the emergence of electric cars in the vehicle industry, the complexities related to EV charging stations, types and speeds have also erupted. Electric vehicles offer superior driving experience and low carbon emissions. Although there are ample benefits to driving electric vehicles, a few complexities are associated with EV charging.

If you have an electric vehicle in your garage, contact professional companies to install EV charging in Hove. Before you venture into the unknown world of EVs, read on and get enlightened.

Where should you charge your electric vehicle?

EV charging points are nowadays available everywhere. From parking zones, bus stands, pumps, and malls to home – wherever you get an EV charging point, you can charge your car.

The number of publicly available charging stations has been growing with the development of these structures. Here are the most popular locations for EV charging points.

EV charging point at home

With the increase in EV owners, you can now find a convenient EV charging point at many homes, especially where there’s a car. This is a convenient and cost-effective option as the owner can charge the vehicle with electricity and pay only for the electricity bills.

EV charging points at gas stations

If you do not have it at your home, you will find the same in a nearby gas station. The charging points at the gas stations have been conveniently located to allow the passing cars to charge up their batteries and continue the journey without interruption.

EV charging points at retail stores

Around 30% of the retail stores provide access to EV charging points. Generally, retail stores are where most people shop; hence, again, this is a convenient location for people to charge their cars while they are at the shop.

Charging your car at home

EV charging point at the office

The commercial workspace is another common location where you’ll find EV charging points. During busy working hours, generally, the cars are left unattended. Thus, this is the best place for car owners to get their cars charged.

What are the different types of EV chargers?

Depending on the model of your EV, you need to select the charger that will help charge the battery fast. Generally, there are three common chargers: the Level 1 charger, the slowest EV charging point; the Level 2 charger, which charges the battery using AC; and the Level 3 charger, which charges the battery using DC.

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