Maximising Efficiency: Tips for Fast EV Charging

May 24, 2024

Electric vehicles are a popular option these days for many good reasons. Unlike petrol vehicles, they are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Moreover, these vehicles are fun to drive. However, you must charge these vehicles for their optimum performance. There are a few tips that you should follow when charging an EV.

According to professionals offering EV charging in Brighton installation services, you must follow these strategies to make the EV charge faster.

EV Charging

7 EV Charging Tips for New Drivers

Make the most of your EV with these charging tips:

Know your EV:

You must know and understand your vehicle’s range. You should also determine the charge rate it can handle. If you are a new driver, you must have a fair idea of these aspects. Before using a rapid charger, make sure you know the optimum charge rate for your vehicle.

Save energy with slow driving:

Slow driving will save your battery’s energy. If you drive faster, your battery will drain faster. You can also extend battery life by keeping off the accelerator.

Don’t charge your EV to its maximum capacity:

If your vehicle has lithium-ion batteries, you should charge them to around 80%. Try to avoid giving your vehicle a full charge. Most EVs let you set a “target charge” according to your requirements.

Environmental factors:

You should be careful when parking your EV on a hot day. Extreme heat is likely to damage EV batteries. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a shady spot. It will prevent your EV battery from overheating.

Plan your route:

During a road trip, you are likely to drive beyond your battery capacity. In such cases, plan your route and look for available charging stations. You can also use the on-board navigation system to identify these stations.

Precondition your battery to save money and time:

Electric car batteries perform best in optimal conditions, particularly when charging. Here, the key influencing factor is temperature. A battery not only delivers its best performance at a given temperature, but it will also charge faster at a certain temperature.

Time your charge:

Most individuals charge their EVs overnight. It is a good time to charge, but don’t leave the vehicle too long. Shut off the timer at least an hour or two before you leave the home in the morning.

Following these strategies, you can maximise your EV battery’s lifespan and make it charge faster.

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